Devops Online Training

DevOps Online Training

Devops Online Training


Short Description :: DevOps may be a software development method which may be a combination of latest emerging trends from the collision of two major trends i.e. Agile System Administration and Agile Operations. this is often a practice of development and operation engineers to collaborate and work together from design to production support within the entire service lifecycle. DevOps affinities with Agile and Lean approaches to form more impetus and to laid IT Operations like communication, collaboration, automation and integration. DevOps is appreciates the very fact that software development tools need interdependency and it is unique software to development achieve operational performance by eliminating the hurdles.

DevOps Course 

1.Configuration Management Tools

  • Ansible

2.Virtualization Platforms

  • Vagrant

3.Container Tools

  • Docker

4.Build Tools

  • Maven

5.Version Controlling

  • GIT

6.Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins


  • AWS

8.Container Orchestration  

  • Kubernetes 


a)Ansible Introduction & Setup

  • Configuration Management & Orchestration
  • Environment Setup
  • Installation


  • Inventory 
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Host Selection
  • Tasks
  • Plays
  • Playbook Execution
  • Ansible.cfg

c)Modules and Ad hoc Commands

  • FirewallD
  • Uri
  • Get_URL 
  • Service
  • User
  • Command
  • Shell
  • Copy
  • Fetch
  • File
  • Setup
  • Etc

d)YML Scripting 

  • Basics of YML
  • How to write & test YML Scripts
  • YML scripting for writing Play Book 
  • e)PlayBook for CM automation
  • Writing play books
  • Execution of playbooks
  • System facts and Custom facts
  • Play book Notification
  • Play book tags & handlers
  • Exception handling


  • Roles Overview
  • Converting to Roles: 
  • Variables: facts
  • External Roles & Galaxy

g)Advanced Execution

  • Introduction
  • Removing Unnecessary Steps
  • Extracting Repetitive Tasks
  • Limiting Execution by Hosts
  • Limiting Execution by Tasks
  • Idempotence: changed_when, failed_when


a)Docker Introduction

  • Installing Docker
  • Docker's--format option for filtering cli output

b)Container Images

  • What's In an Image
  • Official Docker Image Specification
  • The Mighty Hub: Using Docker Hub Registry Images
  • List of Official Docker Images
  • Images and Their Layers: Discover the Image Cache
  • Images and Containers from Docker Docs
  • Image Tagging and Pushing to Docker Hub
  • Building Images: The Docker file Basics
  • Building Images: Running Docker Builds

a)Getting started with Jenkins

  • Getting started with Jenkins
  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Install Jenkins
  • Jenkins UI: Dashboard and Menus
  • Create Our First Jenkins Job

b)Continuous Integration with Jenkins

  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Install Git and Jenkins GitHub Plugin
  • Install Maven on Our Local Box
  • Configure Jenkins to Work with Java, Git and Maven
  • Text Direction: Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Project
  • Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Project
  • Run our First Jenkins Build and Jenkins Workspace

c)Distributed Builds

  • Introduction to Distributed Jenkins Build
  • Install Jenkins Master Node in the Cloud
  • Text Direction: Install Jenkins Master Node in the Cloud
  • Install Jenkins Slave Agents in the Cloud
  • Concurrent Jenkins Build and Label Jenkins Build
  • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins
  • Code as Pipeline
  • CI-CD using Jenkins file


  • Installation
  • Git local repo and GIT Hub
  • Configuration
  • Basic Commands
  • Branches
  • Push and pull from GIT Hub
  • Gitignore
  • Git Tags
  • Git merging and rebasing
  • Cherrypicking 


  • Introduction
  • Understanding build process
  • Creating Maven from command prompt
  • Maven Dependencies
  • Maven Stages
  • Maven Repositories
  • Maven Plugins
  • Integrating maven with Jenkins


  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes objects
  • Pods
  • Services
  • Kubeadm
  • AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services)
  • Service
  • Deployment


  • Environment setup in AWS
  • Cloud Deployment Scenarios in AWS
  • Continuous Delivery in AWS
  • Using Vagrant in AWS
  • Using Docker containers in AWS


  • Basic Commands
  • File Operations
  • Redirection 
  • Piping
  • Permissions


  • Introduction
  • Installing Terraform using Choco
  • What is IAC
  • Execution plans
  • Terraform vs Other Softwares
  • Hybrid Cloud 
  • 10.Multi tenant Cloud
  • Providers
  • Resources
  • Creating infrastructure
  • Creating VMS using Terraform
  • Environment variables


  • Introduction
  • Installing packer using Choco
  • Packer Vs Terraform
  • Builders
  • Image Creation in Packer
  • Provisioners


  • What is Virtualization
  • Advantages of virtualization
  • Creating VMs in Hyper-V
  • Virtual Box
  • Creating VMS
My course on DevOps Online Training and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable
My course on DevOps Online Training and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable.
My course on DevOps Online Training and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable